A3 Drawing Paper Pad - 120gsm - 30 Sheets-B08774VC64

A3 Drawing Paper Pad - 120gsm - 30 Sheets-B08774VC64

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  • QUALITY – 120gsm paper with high white color, not too smooth nor raw

  • MANY USES – including drawing, writing, sketching painting and erasing

  • GLUED AT THE TOP – with a nice thick front cover and a rigid backing board for easy use

  • About NPA: A family-owned company
    The Lidbeck family has been actively involved in the paper industry for decades. This stems from our business history which started before the 1930s in Sweden.
    There is a strong passion for the paper that is weaved into the DNA of the company. The company is a Swedish family trade and production company, with its own conversion, storage and distribution. We work with a global network of paper mills as the producers extended an arm, with a deep knowledge, reliability and flexibility. With our own cellulose laboratory, we ensure the customers' need for high quality specialty paper.

    We are convinced that the passion for creativity will always exist. We are here, today and tomorrow, "for those who have a passion for real creativity in an increasingly digitalized world".

    About the product: a quality drawing pad with high white 120gsm paper. Excellent surface that is neither too smooth nor raw. Perfect for drawing, writing, sketching, painting or erasing. Glued at the top with a backing-board and a thicker front cover.

    A3 Drawing Paper Pad - 120gsm - 30 Sheets-B08774VC64